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Changing Times

Published On 08-29-2013 , 3:32 PM

After a slow start, the year got very busy for me over the summer months, which is why I have been remiss in posting blogs until now. Despite the greater workload, I was able to fit in two interesting CE seminars. The one I took in MN was expanded to include visits with extended family. That was the ...

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Best Practices Tips

Published On 06-12-2013 , 5:01 PM

Recently, I have reviewed some appraisals that contain elements that I would consider best practices, or at the very least, good ideas.
Fee Simple Hypothetical Condition:
When a property is leased, many clients request a report that concludes a value for the fee simple estate, as w ...

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Reflecting the Market

Published On 06-05-2013 , 5:21 PM

Much of appraising involves research: research into market trends and neighborhood influences on the subject property, research of the subject’s historical transactions and current marketing status, research into the maintenance record of the property, inspection research, research to find com ...

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Build-To-Suit Properties

Published On 05-29-2013 , 3:15 PM

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your assignments were as straight-forward as the appraisal of a build-to-suit Walgreens? Everything is contracted and revealed for analysis. You know all the parties involved: the developer who puts the deal together, the top-quality national tenant, and the ultimate ...

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Fee Simple and Leased Fee Values

Published On 05-22-2013 , 10:35 AM

I have restrained myself over these past two months since I kicked off the Appraisers Arc, but I can hold back no longer. This week’s blog post is dedicated to my pet peeve as a reviewer. Last week I shared some small, seemingly innocuous issues that plague review appraisers. But this week, I  ...

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