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When the Details Really Matter

Published On 08-13-2013 , 12:05 PM

 My former employer bought a fair number of small banks in my tenure there. Buying banks is a great way to expand operational footprint into new markets or solidify existing market share. But this seemingly beneficial short-cut to grow a bank’s business comes with hidden pitfalls. Most cr ...

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Using AMCs

Published On 07-10-2013 , 7:20 AM

It seems that nothing is as simple as it once was. Take, for example, appraisal ordering for loan production. Years ago this was a straightforward process of calling a few appraisers you know, getting a few bids, selecting the appraiser, and stuffing the delivered appraisal in the collateral file. ...

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Expensive Appraisal vs. Modest Loan Amount

Published On 06-12-2013 , 4:55 PM

I heard it in my many years as a bank review appraiser who bid and engaged appraisers and I hear it now from banks that I assist with consulting services. The loan amount is low, often below $250,000, and the appraisal fee is high. The loan officer blows a gasket and the borrower threatens to walk t ...

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Appraisal Training

Published On 06-05-2013 , 5:20 PM

For those who have not heard, the Louisiana Bankers Association is sponsoring a series of six webinars that will cover a variety of appraisal topics. Each webinar will be an hour in length. It may seem like a bit of shameless self-promotion to mention this webinar series in a blog posting, as I will ...

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Build-to-Suit Properties

Published On 05-29-2013 , 3:10 PM

I am shifting my focus today to something that even appraisers can get wrong: build-to-suit properties. Part of the reason for their confusion is that appraisal literature does not contain a definition of this term. Banks need to be aware of the risks associated with lending on build-to-suit propert ...

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